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Conte Collectibles Normans Plastic Figures 54mm Toy Soldiers Set 1


Lot Of 9 54mm (?) Vailiant & Other Napoleonic War (?) Metal Soldier Figures #83


Conte 54mm Spartan Figures


A6 Marx Recast 54mm Robin Hood - 25 Figures in 12 poses - unpainted plastic 1/32


Classic Toy Soldiers U.S. GI's set #2, 16 figures in 8 poses 54mm green plastic


Verlinden Productions 1:32 54mm Gladiator - 2 Resin Figures Kit #1818


TSSD WWII Longcoat German Infantry: 10 piece PAINTED set of 54mm Figures


Plastic Toy Soldiers WWI 54mm Russian Infantry 20 Figure Set


Jaguar 1/32 Scale (54mm) Victorious Legionnaire - 2 Resin Figures w/ Base 65402


Conte Collectibles WWII German Army Set 2 Plastic Figures 54mm Toy Soldiers


Verlinden 54mm (1/32) US Navy Officer and Seaman in Civil War (2 Figures) 1554


1/32 figure, Tin Soldiers, Girl, 54 mm


Verlinden 54mm (1/32) "The Glory of Rome" Gladiator Vignette (2 Figures) 1783


1/32 figure, Tin Soldiers, Woman, 54 mm


W. Britains 54mm ACW Confederat General figure


A Call To Arms 54mm Medieval Norman Infantry Figures Set 36 NEW!


Girl-dancer White metal figures Metal kit 54mm Tin toy soldier


Reisler Mexican Bandit Toy Soldiers & Indian (54MM) 8 plastic figures in 5 poses


Miniaturas Beneito 54mm 6pdr Naval Cannon White Metal Figure Accessory #CN1


Classic Toy Soldiers Mohawk Indians 12 figures in 54mm plastic


Pegaso Models 54mm Cow Boy at Saloon White Metal Figure Kit #54-196


LIDO German Figure Lot in 54mm Reissue


54mm Connoisseur Class Painted Figure - Drummer


Verlinden 54mm (1/35) German Farmer's Wife and Daughter (2 Figures) [Resin] 2503


Conte Collectibles French Foreign Legion Plastic Figures 54mm Soldiers Set 3


54mm Connoisseur Class Painted Figure - Black Watch Officer


Verlinden 54mm 1/32 Horatio Lord Nelson & Royal Marines Officer (2 Figures) 1904




Verlinden 54mm (1/32) "The Trophy" Viking Warriors Vignette (2 Figures) 2014


Verlinden Enemy of Rome Vignette with Base 54mm (1/32) (2 Figures) 1710


Miniaturas Beneito 54mm Nuke Raider White Metal Figure Kit #SCF03


Italeri 1:32 54mm Napoleonic Wars French Supply Wagon Figure Model Kit #6886


Verlinden 54mm (1/35) Nurse with Children WWII (3 Figures) [Resin Model kit] 291


Weston Mexican Mounted bandit Toy Soldiers, 54MM 8 figures in 8 poses w/ horse's


Miniaturas Beneito 54mm Coruna 1809 White Metal Figure Kit #MV004


Verlinden 54mm (1/35) Soviet Russian Tankers Tank Crew WWII (3 Half-figures) 303


Blackhawk 1/32 scale (54mm) German leader staff car with 7 figures


Pegaso Models 54mm Rodeo Girl White Metal Figure Kit 54-236


Miniaturas Beneito 54mm U.S.M.C Soldier Vietnam White Metal Figure Kit #MV092


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